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Crowned Handcrafted was developed as a line to promote healthier hair care practices.  As I considered starting a small online hair extension boutique, I also wanted to create a line that helped my clients maintain their own hair and scalp under their custom units and hair extensions.

Crowned Handcrafted products are used to enhance your hair care routine, encourage optimal growth and growth retention and maintain a healthy scalp.  These products are compatible with your favorite lines of shampoos, conditioners and finishing products.  When used properly, they nourish the hair and scalp and seal in moisture, they cause no build up and are easily shampooed away.

All of the ingredients are sourced from American organic farms and free trade co-ops in West Africa.  Taking care to source the best available ingredients is extremely important to me,  it supports farmers here in the U.S.A and also supports the businesswomen in West Africa, who not only run these co-ops but are able to employ other women and pay them a living wage.

All ingredients are cold pressed so that they may retain the fatty acids and vitamins that are beneficial to your hair and skin.  There is absolutely no chemical extraction nor preservatives used in the making of the ingredients and by extension my products.

These products are made to order, with love, by Team Crowned and can be found in our shop.

With love,

Team Crowned

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