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Wig and Extension Information

Crowned custom wigs are hair extensions sewn onto wig caps.  If a full wig is to be made, it is made with either a full frontal piece or a closure.  These wigs are not full lace wigs and are not being represented as such.  The spacing between each weft sewn down is dependent on the number of bundles used, which is determined by the length.  The closures and frontals I have available right now are hand tied to french lace, although silk will be available in the future.  If measurements are sent to me, I can not guarantee that the unit will fit properly, therefore it is of the upmost importance that measurements are taken correctly.  These instructions can be found on the Head Measurements page.  For clients who come in for measurements, you must come in for a second fitting before wig is completed.  Non-refundable $75 deposit required before any unit is constructed.

Crowned Jewels Hair Extensions are virgin hair extensions sewn into a weft and are only available in straight and body wave.  These hair extensions are not being represented as Raw hair extensions (hair that is only cut from a donor, cleansed and then sewn with no further manipulation or chemical processes) although, I take the time after arrival to ensure that color is consistent, hair is soft and the ends are not frayed, tangled or damaged.


All textured units will be constructed with Kinkistry Hair Extensions.  This hair can be purchased at

These hair extensions are not colored, chemically relaxed or permed.  The body wave, deep wave and curly textures are curled with high temperature, high pressure steam.

Kinky Textures:  This hair is extremely high maintenance and the care instructions laid out on the Care page should be strictly followed.  A curly custard type of product or gel should be used to ensure these textures do not tangle, especially at the nape of the neck.  When wearing long textured extensions head movement and constant rubbing against clothing will ensure the extensions tangle at the base of the neck if a product for curly hair is not applied.  I wear the curly extensions exclusively and have not had a problem with them when the instructions are followed.  Because more product is used in the curly textures they will have to be cleansed more often, keep this in mind when buying these textures, especially if they are being sewn down.

There are products that I have tested and found to work well with this hair.  These products are inexpensive and my be used on your own hair if you so choose.  These products are located on the Hair Care page.  Pay special attention to the comments about water quality.

Pictures of Wig Construction and Extension Wefts 


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